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Keeping Your Home Cool & Comfortable
Keeping Your Home Cool & Comfortable
Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Central Air Conditioning

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Heat Pumps

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

High Efficiency Ductless Systems

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services


Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Smart Thermostats

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

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Excellent Cooling Services

With over three decades of experience in the HVAC industry, Triple A Home Services delivers exceptional heating and cooling services throughout Central Iowa. For the summer, you want to rest assured that you have an air conditioning system that works, and our team can do that for you with ease.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to keep your system in stellar condition. Based in Norwalk, IA, we are happy to provide service for residential clients with any cooling system. We want to save you from costly repairs and with routine maintenance, simple repairs, and even a quality replacement if necessary.

Air Conditioning Repair

Whether it is the freezing winter or the scorching summer, our air conditioning units tend to give us a tough time at the worst times. Our expert technicians can handle any repair, big or small when it comes to your air conditioning unit.

We know your heating or cooling system is expensive, and we want to make sure it lasts as long as possible and works equivalently to the amount you pay each month. Our experienced technicians have witnessed homeowners’ attempts at fixing repairs themselves and creating a much larger problem.

When you put your cooling system in repair in the hands of a professional, you will save money and stress in the long run. If you find that you need to spend extensive amounts of money on frequent repair services, it may be better to purchase a new system. However, replacement is typically the last resort. If we can repair a unit, we will recommend that. Our rates are unbeatable, and we do not have any hidden charges.

Need Cooling Repair?

Air Conditioning Maintenance

You can save yourself a headache from extensive repairs and mishaps by getting routine maintenance done on your cooling system. We will make sure that your air conditioning unit is always in top shape. Don’t risk the possibility of being stuck at home with no cool air during the summer. Timely maintenance will keep you and your family comfortable year-round.

Preventative air conditioning maintenance will also help you to save money on your energy bill and maintenance costs since it will reduce the high prices in the long run and provide better efficiency. It will reduce excess electricity consumption since a well-maintained system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Why Should I Have Seasonal Maintenance Performed on My System?

Your heating and cooling system works very hard to keep your home at a comfortable and consistent temperature all year round. Performing regular maintenance twice a year maximizes your system’s lifespan and can uncover problem areas that we can repair before it’s too late and a system replacement is necessary. You will likely have nothing much to worry about because you know you can truly rely on your system to deliver and meet your needs.
Optimize Your Cooling System.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Maintenance and immediate repairs are key ways to ensure optimum conditions for your cooling system. However, when they fail, you can count on our experts to be there with the best and most cost-effective solution. If you are considering getting a new air conditioner or the important “repair or replace” question, there are three main questions to think about:

What Is A SEER Rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER indicates the relative amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. It is a vital thing to know in context to your home. Calculate your SEER value by dividing the total cooling output during the summer by the full power consumed. If your AC is consuming more power than the cooling power, there is something wrong with your SEER value.

If I Need A New HVAC System, How Do I Choose One?

Duct leaks or insufficient insulation can be culprits that cause you to need a new system. A simple repair job in these areas can save thousands of dollars a year, but if you need a replacement, you should consider the following: which way your house is facing, if you have large trees in your yard, the size and arrangement of the duct in your home, and more. The only way to ensure you’re choosing the correct type and size of a system is to contact a professional to have your home’s heating and cooling needs evaluated.

What Does Your Home Need?

AC load is measured by the ton, and 1 ton is defined as the cooling power of a ton of ice melting in a room. A 3-ton air conditioner can service around 2000 square feet of a house. We must remember there are external factors to consider in this aspect. The experts with Triple A Home Services will determine the best comfort solution after conducting a thorough and complimentary diagnostic inspection.
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Boilers and Multi Unit Housing

Indoor Air Quality


“Our family has used Triple A Home Services for the past three houses now. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and genuine. He always takes time to talk to us and get to know us rather than treating us like a number. We have always felt like we are greatly appreciated as a customer.”

– Karla A.

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