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Breathe In Fresh Air
Breathe In Fresh Air
Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Air Sterilizing Systems

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Whole Home Dehumidifier

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Whole Home Humidifier

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Air Quality Testing

Heating & Cooling Services in Norwalk, IA & Central Iowa | Triple A Home Services

Carrier COR Home Automation

Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to your home or office, you want your family members or employees to feel comfortable. At Triple A Home Services in Norwalk, IA, we care about enhancing your indoor air quality to ensure the health and safety of occupants.

We are happy to provide indoor air quality testing, dehumidifier and humidifier system installation, and much more. Your indoor air quality can be a huge factor in your health. Be proactive and protect your employees or family members by improving the air quality in your home or office.

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Boilers and Multi Unit Housing


Indoor Air Quality

At Triple A Home Services, we offer healthy home solitions.


Today’s tightly constructed homes can trap stale air inside your home, creating higher dust and humidity levels. A Carrier heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilator (ERV) helps keep fresh air circulating through your home for improved air quality
comfort year-round. A Carrier fresh air vent is an affordable and compact whole-home ventilation solution. The fresh air vent
provides a controlled solution for fresh, indoor air without the heat exchange or humidity transfer of an ERV or HRV.


The Infinity® air purifier offers extremely high air filtration efficiency and patented germicidal technology so effective it Captures & Kills® select airbornepathogens and viruses flowing through your HVAC 
system and trapped by the filter, such as coronavirus, human influenza, common cold surrogate, and Streptococcus pyogene.1 The OptiCleanTM air scrubber is a portable filtration system that stands alone in the room and requires no attached ducting. All you need is a 115v wall outlet to enjoy cleaner, fresher indoor air. The EZ FlexTM cabinet with filter provides whole home air filtration using a high-efficiency filter.
The deep-pleated optional MERV 13 filter removes up to 90% of airborne particles as small as 1.0 micron.9

Humidity Management

A Carrier humidifier evenly distributes moisture throughout your home to help with irritated sinuses, itchy skin, static electricity, and other problems associated with dry, heated air. A Carrier dehumidifier, with its ability to pull moisture from indoor air, can help you feel more comfortable without dialing down the thermostat to potentially save money on your cooling costs.

Air Quality

A Carrier germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lamp is designed to kill the mold and bacteria that can grow in the moist environment of your indoor coil to help keep your system efficient and clean air flowing. A Carrier carbon monoxide (CO) alarm detects and records the levels of CO circulating in your indoor air. You can monitor the current CO level in your home on a large, easy-to-read digital display. When dangerous levels of CO are present an audible alarm alerts you automatically.

Enhance Your Air Quality!

Cor Home Automation

How convenient would it be to control the components of your home from anywhere? Cor Home Automation allows you to access the lighting, climate, security, and more from your phone. You can customize your software and explore the endless add-on options with no contracts or monthly fees!

This easy-to-use, professionally installed system combines three industry leaders, providing comfort, safety, and security that you can control from virtually anywhere. Homeowners can save an average of 20% on heating and cooling costs. The proof is in the provided monthly energy reports that allow you to modify your home to optimize savings.

The Cor mobile app utilizes Interlogix for security, so you can lock your doors, receive open alerts, view security footage, and more. With the use of Kiddie home safety equipment, it can notify you of smoke, carbon monoxide levels, and more immediately.

“Our family has used Triple A Home Services for the past three houses now. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and genuine. He always takes time to talk to us and get to know us rather than treating us like a number. We have always felt like we are greatly appreciated as a customer.”

– Karla A.

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